You may want to apply for bad credit mobile phones from Runecraft Mobiles because you have a bad credit and your applications may have been rejected by other service providers. If you are still interested in reapplying for a mobile phone contract through a company that does not seek to criticize you due to your bad past, this is the company to approach. As long as you live in the UK, have a source of income, and have proof of residency, you can apply for the mobile phone contract. There are numerous reasons as to why you should apply for a contract mobile. These include:

Get accepted: With an over 90% approval rate, your application is more highly to be accepted. You do not have to worry about rejection as many applications are most likely to be accepted even if you have a poor credit history. As long as you are able to repay the loan, you will be able to get a phone of your choice.

Save money: Contract phones are usually offered at lower costs than those in the stores and other contract phones with bad credit companies. Making an application for these phones means that you will be able to save money based on the contract.

Top handsets: You will be in a position to get access to some of the top brands and newest mobile phones. A good credit rating awards you the latest high performance phones when they are newly released.

Free applications: Runecraft Mobiles application services are free of charge. You are not expected to make any payment for an application. The only payment comes up when you have to start paying for the mobile phone you just acquired.

Instant results: Runecraft Mobiles offers clients the ability to get instant results regarding applications made. All approvals or declines on application are communicated to the clients without unnecessarily keeping them waiting.

No credit bias: All sorts of clients can make applications as long as they are able to meet the eligibility criteria. Both those with good credit rating and bad credit rating are encouraged to use the mobile phone contract services.

Flexible repayments: Clients get access to flexible repayment terms over a short period. The period all depends on the applicants ability and the time made available by the network company.

Variety of carriers: Applicants have the opportunity to select a network of their choice since we deal with a variety of carriers. No client is restricted into using a particular network but it remains a matter of personal choice.

Simple application: The application process is quite simple for those looking to get a contract mobile phone. The application form needs seconds of filling and is then submitted. This is then reviewed in a matter of minutes and a response given back to the applicant. The applicant’s contract phone is usually dispatched in 24 hours after the approval of the phone.

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