Why online applications?

Online applications are simple to fill and take up less time. This compared to visiting a physical store to make an application actually needs less attention. It frees up your time and saves you the extra cost in fuel consumption for transport. Do not be misled into thinking that online services are more expensive since in our case, they are not.

Can you guarantee that I will get a contract?

All we can say is that we have the highest approval rates among contract phone companies. This is because we accommodate both good and bad credit history clients. All we can guarantee you is that if you meet all the eligibility criteria and exhibit that you can repay the loan as expected, your application will no doubt be approved.

Do I get to keep my number?

Yes. All our clients get to keep their numbers when they receive their new phones. In case you are switching networks, you can request for your old number ported so you get to maintain your number.

What if I want the latest Smartphone in the market?

We are dedicated at helping our clients get what they want as long as they are in a position to qualify for the phone. The latest Smartphone on release are usually pricey. As long as a client has a good credit history and are able to pay for the phone, we will help you get that phone you desire.

How much am I supposed to pay for your services?

Our services are free and clients are under no obligation. What we want to do is help you get the cheapest contract phone deal at no extra cost. All you need to do is fill our free online form and we contact you when we have found the best deal for you.

How much am I required to pay monthly?

This usually depends on the value of the contract you have picked. The cost would run from as low as £10 per month and run much higher depending on the contract and the network providing the contract.

How fast can I get my mobile phone?

We offer our clients a 24 hour period delivery system. We want to ensure that after the contract is signed, clients are able to get the phone as soon as possible. This is within a 24 hour period so the applicant does not have to wait indefinitely for their phone.

What if I have a bad credit rating?

We are not selective since we also accept applications from individuals who have a bad credit rating. However, you have to be in a position to pay for the contract so as to qualify for a phone. We understand that your financial circumstances may have changed for the better and you are able to qualify for the phone.

If I pay well, will my bad credit status improve?

Yes. Good payment means that your credit status will improve. The record of good payment reflects on your credit report thus improving your previous bad credit rating status.

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