Contract phone application through Runecraft Mobiles is quite simple. The following process shows how you can get your hands on your most favorite mobile phone.

Select your phone

There are quite a variety of phones on offer. Take your time to look through all the phones on offer and select one that suits you best. With an ideal phone selected, you need to move to the next stage.

Complete the application form

The application form is quite simple to fill. You only need to enter a few details about yourself and the phone you desire on the online form. This process will take you a few seconds. With the form completed, submit it online.

Get approved

With the form submitted, Runecraft Mobiles staff gets to look into the application. If you have passed the eligibility criteria and qualify for the phone you desire, you are contacted and the required paperwork is handled for your signature so that you can get your phone.

Get your new phone to work

When all signing is done, your phone is dispatched from the offices and sent to your location. It is time to open your package and get your phone working.

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